New strategies in the prevention of non-communicable diseases: focus on cardiovascular and metabolic disorders

September 08 th - 12 th 2019

Course direction: P. MINUZ, R. LEONE, C. PATRONO

Scientific Committee: J. Armitage, C. Baigent, C. Borghi, C. Fava, C. Ferri, G. FitzGerald, A. Webb

Aim of the Course is to focus on the primary and secondary prevention of cardiovascular and metabolic diseases, with high quality speakers who will lead young researchers through the multi-faceted aspects of this topic. In the tradition of the School, young researchers will be encouraged to actively participate in the discussion and present the results of their scientific work with short oral or poster presentations.


Mon, 09 th Sep 2019

09.00 Welcome and Aims of Course, Piero Minuz and Carlo Patrono

09.30-12.30 Session 1

Dietary habits and nutrients in cardiovascular and metabolic disorders

  • Giovanni de Gaetano, Pozzilli, Italy "Factors defining life expectancy"
  • Ramon Estruch, Barcelona, Spain "Intervention trials based on dietary regimens: the PREDIMED study"
  • Andrew Webb, London, UK "Dietary nitrates and modulation of haemodynamics"
  • Short Communications
  • General Discussion 

14.30-18.30 Session 2

Overweight, sedentary habits and metabolic disorders as cardiovascular risk factors

  • Roberto Vettor, Padova, Italy "Obesity as a cardiovascular risk factor"
  • Thomas Svensson, Tokyo, Japan and Malmo, Sweden “Prevention of cardiometabolic diseases at nationwide level: the Japanese experience”
  • Filippo Crea, Rome, Italy "Is anti-inflammatory drug therapy still a viable option?"
  • Claudio Borghi, Bologna, Italy "The role of hypertension-related dismetabolisms, from uric acid to LDL cholesterol"
  • General duscussion

Tue, 10 th Sep 2019

09.00-12.30 Session 3

Diabetes pandemic: epidemiology, risk factors and prevention strategies

  • Angelo Avogaro, Padova, Italy "Recent cardiovascular outcome trials with antidiabetic agents"
  • Francesco Cosentino, Stockholm, Sweden " 2019 ESC/EASD guidelines for the management of diabetes mellitus and cardiovascular diseases"
  • Kennedy Cruickshank, London, UK "Determinants and potential for reversing early vascular damage/arterial dysfunction beyond blood pressure from childhood to older age"
  • Giuseppe Recchia, Smith Kline Foundation, Verona, Italy "Digital medicine and therapy in non-communicable diseases”
  • Short Communications
  • General Discussion

14.30-18.30 Session 4

An update on the role of aspirin in the primary prevention of cardiovascular disease and cancer

  • Luis Garcia Rodriguez, Madrid, Spain “An update on the role of aspirin in the primary prevention of cancer: epidemiological studies”
  • Paola Patrignani, Chieti, Italy "Mechanism of action of low-dose aspirin in the chemoprevention of colorectal cancer"
  • Colin Baigent, Oxford, UK "Aspirin for the primary prevention of atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease"
  • General Discussion
  • Special Lecture, Garret FitzGerald, Philadelphia, USA "Circadian clocks and metabolism: Implications for microbiome and ageing"

Wed, 11 th Sep 2019

09.00-12.30 Session 5

Hypertension: epidemiology, risk factors and prevention strategies

  • Simona Giampaoli, Rome, Italy "Population-based disease monitoring/epidemiology and secular trends of hypertension"
  • Claudio Ferri, L’Aquila, Italy  "Cardiovascular risk in ageing hypertensive patients"
  • Enrico Agabiti Rosei, Brescia, Italy "Optimal treatment of hypertension: focus on combination treatments"
  • Philip Chowienczyk, London, UK “Hypertensive heart failure - a new paradigm”
  • Short Communications
  • General Discussion 

14.30-18.30 Session 6

The contribution of air pollution, inflammation and multiple risk factors to cardiovascular diseases

  • Elena Fattore, Milan, Italy "Air pollution and cardiovascular risk: epidemiologic data”
  • Christopher Floyd, London, UK "Mechanisms linking air pollution to cardiovascular events"
  • Albert Ferro, London, UK "Inflammation and atherothrombosis: a hot paradigm shift"
  • Short Communications
  • General Discussion

Thu, 12 th Sep 2019

09.00-12.30 session 7

Pharmacological strategies to reduce residual cardiovascular risk in secondary prevention

  • Bianca Rocca, Roma, Italy "Intensifying antithrombotic therapy"
  • Maurizio Averna, Palermo, Italy "Intensifying LDL-lowering therapy"
  • Carmine Savoia, Roma, Italy "Optimizing blood pressure lowering"
  • General Discussion


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  • Attendees


    Enrico Agabiti Rosei, Brescia, Italy

    Maurizio Averna, Palermo, Italy

    Angelo Avogaro, Padova, Italy

    Colin Baigent, Oxford, UK

    Claudio Borghi, Bologna, Italy

    Philip Chowienczyk, London, UK

    Francesco Cosentino, Stockholm, Sweden

    Filippo Crea, Roma, Italy

    John Kennedy Cruickshank, London, UK

    Giovanni de Gaetano, Pozzilli (Isernia), Italy

    Ramon Estruch, Barcelona, Spain

    Elena Fattore, Milano, Italy

    Cristiano Fava, Verona, Italy

    Claudio Ferri, L’Aquila, Italy

    Albert Ferro, London, UK

    Garret FitzGerald, Philadelphia, USA

    Christopher N Floyd, London, UK

    Luis Garcia Rodriguez, Madrid, Spain

    Paola Patrignani, Chieti, Italy

    Giuseppe Recchia, Verona, Italy

    Bianca Rocca, Roma, Italy

    Carmine Savoia,  Roma, Italy

    Thomas Svensson, Tokyo, Japan

    Roberto Vettor, Padova, Italy

    Andrew Webb, London, UK