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     The International School of Pharmacology "Giampaolo Velo" is one of the 128 Schools of the Ettore Majorana Foundation and Centre for Scientific Culture (EMFCSC). 

The School of Pharmacology started in 1975, leaded by professors Giampaolo Velo, Pietro Benigno, Luciano Rausa, and Derek A. Willoughby. The first courses were organized by professor Velo through generous funding from NATO for organizing advanced teaching conferences on the science of inflammation and actions of anti-inflammatory drugs. Many other courses and workshops have been organized, mainly by professor Velo, in the following years on various internationally discussed topics, such as the safe use of drugs, drug innovation, medication errors, drug communication, patient safety, and many others. Reports regarding many of the courses and workshops held in Erice have been published in international scientific journals

The Directors of The International School of Pharmacology were professors Benigno, Rausa and Velo since 1979, then only Rausa and Velo since 2001 and only Velo since 2009.

The International School of Pharmacology was named to professor Giampaolo Velo after his lost in 2017.

Since 2018 the School is directed by Professors Pietro Minuz, Ugo Moretti (University of Verona) and Marie Lindquist (Uppsala Monitoring Centre, Sweden).