Common Mechanisms of Disease in Atherothrombosis and Cancer: from Mediators to Clinical Trials

September 11 th - 15 th 2020

Course direction: P. Minuz, R. Leone, P. Patrignani, C. Patrono

Aim of the Course is to focus on the common mechanisms linking atherosclerotic cardiovascular diseases and cancer, with high quality speakers that could lead young researchers in this multi-faced topic offering an updated overview of the recent results of epidemiological, molecular, pathophysiological, clinical and pharmacological research. 

Topics of the course will be the epidemiology of atherosclerotic cardiovascular diseases and cancer, the role of inflammation and metabolic disorders as common mechanisms and platelets as effector cells, along with risk factors and prevention strategies. The course will also address the topic of pharmacological strategies to reduce atherosclerotic cardiovascular diseases and cancer and the role of aspirin in cardiovascular and cancer prevention.  

As usual, young researchers (the so-called “students”) will be encouraged to actively participate to discussion and to present the results of their scientific work with short oral or poster presentations.